Why Software Providers Want To Become Payment Facilitators

By StarkPayments| Published on 01/03/2018
Become a Payment Facilitator

The digital payments industry is growing at a very fast rate. FinTech is the buzz word on the Internet. Independent development houses and software providers are quickly seeing the huge potential that exists in being able to facilitate online payments for their clients.

Here are just some of the reasons why software providers want to become payment facilitators:

  • They want to offer an all-in-one-solution to their clients
  • Streamlined integration means faster launch or route to market if everything was managed internally
  • Additional revenue stream which continues to increase with the success of their client’s business

For the client, imagine a single point of contact, all-in-one service, single billing, single support…the list of benefits for the clients continues to grow, which is exactly why it becomes an easy ‘upsell’.

How to become a payment facilitator

For software providers, one of the easiest ways to start is by becoming a private label partner. With Stark Payments, our partners reap the rewards of being able to fully white-label our technology and brand it as their own. Our omni-channel online payment processing capabilities is one of the most advanced on the Internet.

The key benefits of becoming a private label payment gateway provider is that you will not have to redesign or redevelop the technology. We’ve done it all. We’ve worked hard over many years in order to provide a comprehensive online payment toolkit for our partners to use, resell to their clients.

We have an extensive network and a close relationship with some of the World’s leading Acquirers, which means, you also can benefit from this relationship.

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