In-house solutions vs. white label solutions

By StarkPayments| Published on 09/05/2018
White Label Payment Software

In-house or white label software development solutions

There are several great reasons for both developing your software technology in-house and using a white label solutions. Below are some of the key points (both good and bad) for each.

In-house Payment Software Development


One of the biggest benefits of having your own software developed in-house is that it can be 100% tailored to your business requirements.


Developing any piece of technology from scratch can be costly and unless you have deep pockets, it’s something to consider whilst researching for software developers.


It goes without saying that it will most likely be a timely exercise. Even having a fairly basic software built can take a minimum of 3 months. An example of this could be building a fairly straight forward ecommerce software which may power your website.

White Label Payment Software Development

Fixed Features

A white label solution will normally come with fixed features. This means, it’s normally up to the software provider if and when they introduce any new features. That being said, there are some very good providers so it’s worth shopping around.

Cost Effective

As the core framework and features of the technology have already been built (programmed), the investment required is normally very minimal.

Fast Delivery

Again, as the core technology is already created, it can normally be delivered within a matter of days depending on how long the set up time is.


We’re big fans of both. Yet, there is a viable third option. A hybrid of both. We recommend starting out with a suitable white-label solution for your business first. This will allow you to enter the market alot quicker and cheaply. If you’re in it for the long haul, you can always start building your in-house software in the background.

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