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11/08/2019 By StarkPayments

Over the last eighteen months, Stark has been heavily involved in the research and development of a blockchain software platform that enables companies across multiple verticals, but in particular; Payment Providers, Acquirers, FinTech and Web Development companies, to accept new forms of digital currencies.

Having saved almost £265,000 by bootstrapping, the company has successfully developed a multi-cryptocurrency processing platform which can be targeted to in-store and online merchants throughout the World. All transactions are securely verified and stored on the blockchain which are tamper-proof ensuring enhanced transaction reporting for future auditing obligations.

As an early adoption company, one of the best ways of describing us could be an “early PayPal”. We welcome enquiries from potential investors who are looking for blockchain investment opportunities.


  • Research into Proof of Concept
  • Company Incorporation in England, UK
  • Technical team identified in Delhi, India


  • Registration for Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) with HMRC
  • Trademark registration – in progress
  • Pre-seed investment secured of £50,000 from friends & family
  • Technology specification writing
  • Commissioning of technology development
  • Penetration testing
  • User testing
  • Successful Bitcoin (BTC) transaction
  • Successful Ethereum (ETH) transaction
  • Successful XRP (XRP) transaction
  • WooCommerce cryptocurrency payments plugin for merchants – completed
  • Shopify cryptocurrency payments plugin for merchants – penetration testing in progress
  • Completion of cryptocurrency payments API for any system integrator, ecommerce or software developers
  • Completion of Webhooks API
  • Partner / Reseller implementation – allowing for partners to onboard and manage merchants
  • Multiple monetisation model identified and implemented
  • Completion of Master dashboard for company admin
  • Completion of Partner / Reseller dashboard
  • Completion of Merchant dashboard
  • Search engine optimisation of company website
  • Leadership team identified and confirmed
  • Pre-revenue company valuation of £12 – £16m

As you can see, we’ve had a busy 2019 and it’s only August. The next stage for company is to launch and quickly gain market share and dominance. The company, therefore is at an optimal point for early stage investment and welcomes enquiries from serious, forward thinking Angel and VC investors.


  • Secure Seed investment and forge strong relationship
  • Build a Sales and Marketing team
  • Introduce new technology features
  • Meet any new regulatory obligations (currently not required)
  • Smash year one’s revenue target
  • Develop corporate / product growth proposition
  • Prepare for Series A investment

The company is registered in the UK and is registered for the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) with HMRC. This is particularly useful for investors from within the UK.

You can request our Pitch Deck by emailing: corporate@starkpayments.com

We look forward to hearing from you.