Blockchain payments for global commerce

Digital payments have evolved, payments are now being processed using blockchain technology

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Blockchain Payments for Business

Add crypto currencies to your business


Accept bitcoin

Bitcoin is one of the most popular crypto-currencies the World has can accept BTC for your business


Accept ether

Accepting ETH is a huge win for any business especially seeing that the Ethereum platform is creating the most successful DApps


Accept xrp

Owning XRP is great especially if you're a business looking to buy and sell goods around the World. The XRP token is a mediator for both crypto and fiat currencies

Coming soon!


We're world hard to release out LTC integration which allow businesses and software developers to use in their stacks

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Integrated blockchain payment solutions built for


Internet merchants

Any online business or mobile application, anywhere in the World can now give their customers more choice of how to they wish to pay


Payment providers

Our partner API payment providers can instantly become blockchain friendly, saving time and money. A white label framework is also available



Stark has been crafted in a way that developers would be impressed. Developers can quickly integrate blockchain payments for the clients


Reseller partners

Anyone looking to enter the World of blockchain payments should consider our Reseller Partner Program - get discounts on transaction fees, whilst increasing your revenue