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Stark Payments is one of the most comprehensive white label payment processing toolkit on the market.

Especially designed for software developers, ecommerce platforms & providers and digital agencies who would like to offer an integrated payment solution to their clients and end user customers. We give our partners the most comprehensive payment technology,  extensive insight and support, not to mention the industry’s lowest transaction rates, which means you can enter the market with low transaction fees and still be one of the cheapest on the Internet.

Our onboarding process is designed to be seamless and integration of the technology is super fast as our code can be customised easily by any programmers. You clients will never know of us. As far as they are concerned, you now provide sophisticated and secure payment services.

Who is it designed for?

white label payment gateway reseller

Web & App developers

Integrate Stark Payments (branded as your own ofcourse) into your customers websites or applications using our powerful APIs & SDKs and introduce a new revenue generating service to your business

white label payment gateway reseller

Ecommerce CMS Platforms

Why not hard code your newly branded payment business as a module into your ecommerce platform, that way on almost every installation, you could be earning on each and every transaction

white label solution for payment gateway

Financial sector & Banks

Want to offer merchant account services to your customers? By white-labelling Stark Payments, you can now offer a ‘payment gateway’ solution without a huge financial outlay

white label payment gateway

FinTech Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs looking to enter the FinTech market as a global payments provider without spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on technology


01How long does it take to set up?

Typically, it can take approximately 2 weeks to get up properly. However, we can give you a more accurate time frame once you get registered

02Will I require hosting?

Stark Payments is a fully hosted solution, so you will not require additional hosting. You will however require hosting for your own domain and website.

03How many clients can we integrate under our brand?

The technology is 100% scalable which means there are no limits to how many clients you can sign up. In fact, the more you have on board, the more lucrative your business will be.

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How does it work

white label solution for payment gateway
White label payment gateway reseller

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